Save Money.    Save the Planet.

We are all aware that climate change is an issue. But how deeply have we looked at the effects this will have on our planet, in our oceans, on our land, our wildlife and our well-being? As a profession, we want to add our weight towards making a better life for future generations. We want to be the generation that averted major ecological and environmental catastrophes. Our recent experience with the pandemic has taught us to be more aware of our surroundings. This is the next step.

Do you know how much carbon creation your clinic is responsible for? This is the starting point and our aim is to assess the CO2 emissions your business creates so that this can be methodically addressed. Our assessment also takes into consideration waste, operational methods, treatment methods, personal objectives and team objectives. The assessment will take around 15 minutes to complete and will give you an impact number which we will help you to reduce by up to 50%. Together we can make the dental profession a much cleaner, healthier environment, one to be proud of. We want to be seen as leaders in this field.

We have been aware for a number of years that the dentistry profession is not as green as it could be. However, very few clinics have done anything about it. Imagine if your clinic was dirty and messy. This would drive you crazy and may even get you into some serious trouble. The hygiene and tidiness of your clinic may well be immaculate, but does that mean that you have only cleaned one part of your responsibility? Outside the clinic, what impact has your energy consumption had? What impact has your waste disposal had? What impact has your plastic consumption had? Our educational path will address elements you may not have even considered, but will set you on a route towards net zero dentistry.

There are now a number of companies which offer to plant trees in the UK, Brazil, as well as the Far East and Africa. We considered these options and rejected them. There is a need to plant millions of trees to soak up the carbon we create. However, buying a tree does not, in itself, solve any problems. Our process takes you along a path which will reduce your carbon emissions, reduce single use plastics, reduces clinical waste, targets a figure to achieve and provides an offset method which is more effective, more sustainable and has higher impact than most other offerings. As a professional group, we can collectively achieve a lower price for carbon offset making every pound spent go considerably further. Offsetting should be part of your route towards carbon zero, but should not replace the need to reduce your footprint.