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We have discovered an entirely new recruitment concept for the dental profession – video interviewing. Let us imagine that you are recruiting a new team member. Your options are to advertise amongst plumbers and chefs on Gumtree, or possibly list your vacancy for free on Blue Glove Jobs. You may also consider engaging with an agency and gulp at their fees. Alternatively, posting on social media may bring in a few candidates. However, no matter which option you look at, you still have the initial vetting process to go through to find a few candidates that interest you. This is where Blue Glove Jobs step in!

Recruitment isn’t easy

Blue Glove Jobs listens closely to the issues in dentistry. As we see it, current issues include:

  • Getting your advert noticed – dental recruitment has never been so competitive so the need to stand out from your competitors has never been greater.
  • Getting reaction to your advert – Your post on social media, or on another website may be worded perfectly, with really attractive images, but does this really stand out enough to prompt interaction from quality candidates?
  • How much time does it take up for you to vet all CVs and then to interview a selection of suitable candidates? Each recruitment takes an average of 9 hours just to get to the final selection stage.
  • How do you know that the candidate is truly suited to your vacant role? This is difficult. All the candidate knows is that your are a great clinic, with a great team and everyone is friendly. If your clinic has aspirations of developing (for example) Invisalign and your perfect candidate has aspirations to develop a career in implants, then you have a conflict of interests. This may not be picked out from a CV. Remember, you are being interviewed as much as the candidate.
  • Without discrimination, you may have envisaged a new team member and how they fit into the team. Looking at a CV may not provide you with this level of detail.
  • A few early questions in the first interview can help you to decide whether a candidate is appropriate or not. For example, availability for the working hours you anticipate may be different to the candidate’s.
  • How much carbon is burned per interview? If the clinic stays open longer than normal, then your energy is being used for longer. If you have for example 5 candidates to interview, you have created 5 return journeys to and from interview. If candidates have all sent in CVs, then you have created additional paper usage.

What is Video Recruitment?

Firstly, video recruitment is not carried out on Zoom or on Teams. It is a wholly professional process which is new to dentistry. The issues noted above are real and have to be addressed in a way that delivers benefit to both the recruiter and to the candidate. Having addressed these issues in considerable detail, Blue Glove Jobs not only provides a simple, basic job listing opportunity, but now also provides the following solutions:

  • Your clinic and the vacant role is profiled on video to ensure that the candidate ticks their own boxes in terms of suitability. By doing this, your vacancy stands out from any other 2 dimensional (standard) job vacancies. Prospective candidates can see your face, your clinic, your style, your aspirations, your equipment and the type of treatments you offer your patients. You shoot your video using a good quality smart phone, then we edit your footage to present it in the best possible light.
  • You set half a dozen initial questions that you would like candidates to respond to. This can be tailored to each vacancy you have. In turn, the candidates respond to each question using their smart phone video camera. This is the first interview where you can assess suitability from your candidates’ responses.
  • You can watch/listen to all applications at your leisure, whether that is at home or during a gap in patient time. You can share video responses with others in the clinic so that they are comfortable taking the next step.
  • Most importantly, you are in control of what questions to ask, what to look out for from your candidates and your means of assessment.
  • The initial interview stage has reduced your time commitment by at least 50% allowing you to focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • It may not be the most important thing in your life, but you have taken steps towards reducing your carbon footprint simply by engaging in this video process as opposed to calling candidates in for interview. Initial vetting has taken half the time, half the effort, but has promoted you clinic as being forward thinking and advanced in terms of technology.

The team at Blue Glove Jobs will promote your vacancy through YouTube, social media channels including groups, as well as our own website. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to be amongst the first to recruit in this way! Simply click the link below to start your new recruitment process.

This is a sponsored educational module.

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