We are going to have a lot of fun with this section! It's purpose is to encourage everyone to drop meat for only 2 nights per week. This usually meets with arms being thrown in the air, but recipes gathered from the profession (and a few external experts) will provide us all with tempting and sumptuous dinners to try. Vegetarian food is more than just salads (although some recipes make salads the highlight of the week!). We can see really exciting developments on restaurant menus and this section aims to create a real buzz! New recipes will be announced regularly on our social media channels.

By introducing Dental Dinners twice a week, we will reduce the methane output from our bovine friends, and others.

Let's discover a multitude of reasons why this Gardening section is a crucial part of our initiative.

During the multiple lockdowns, we discovered that many clinicians took to growing their own vegetables and fruits. Baking became a thing, as did cooking with your own produce. This simple (and most enjoyable) step is a fantastic way of helping to cope with the stresses we all experience in the the profession. The feeling of growing something from scratch and creating something special from your efforts, is reinforcing, strengthening and revitalising.

Whether it is a large garden, a window box or a tub of herbs, we will try to help you as much as possible.

Of course, everyone needs to be active to maintain our health. In this section we address how physical health affects mental health and how we can benefit from a few minutes of exercise every day.

We don't need to be marathon runners or the world's strongest person. We simply need to pump oxygen into our systems, especially when we are confined to mask wearing in and out of our clinics.