Active travel

Encouraging Active Travel

Within dental services, travel leaves the largest carbon footprint. This is not only from patients attending appointments but also staff and transportation of materials/lab work. Air pollution itself has been recognized to have direct effects on respiratory and cardiovascular disease, and there is evidence that it has contributed to deaths. As well as producing carbon…

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blue glove jobs

Video Recruitment

We have discovered an entirely new recruitment concept for the dental profession – video interviewing. Let us imagine that you are recruiting a new team member. Your options are to advertise amongst plumbers and chefs on Gumtree, or possibly list your vacancy for free on Blue Glove Jobs. You may also consider engaging with an…

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Advertise with us

Our websites are largely funded by supportive sponsorships and advertisements. We offer fantastic ROI’s on all our websites with prices adjusted to reflect footfall and targeting. We offer discounts from rate card prices for package prices and extended advertising (months). Let us firstly introduce you to our portfolio of websites and explain what can be…

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Electric vehicle charging points

The UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging networks have grown exponentially during the last decade, providing convenient opportunities to ‘refuel’ whenever you park up. Access is becoming easier all the time too. Here we answer your most frequently asked questions around public charging. Are there enough public charging points? A widespread network of public electric car…

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