Equipment and supplies

Single use plastic dental clinics

Reduce Single-use Plastics

Dentistry, like many other medical fields, has to use several types of single-use plastic products. If we just have a quick look at our surgery, in less than 3 seconds we will be able to spot more than 5 single-use plastic items. The the problem is that some of them are protective barriers, but also…

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Bio alternatives

Reduction of Chemical Use

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Teledentistry is more than simply providing occasional Zoom calls for online consultations.   It is a way to provide complete patient communication and treatment, using all the resources available to examine patients within a physical practice, plus off-site visits/ online consults & managing all of the communication channels to facilitate these different visit types. At a…

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blue glove jobs

Video Recruitment

We have discovered an entirely new recruitment concept for the dental profession – video interviewing. Let us imagine that you are recruiting a new team member. Your options are to advertise amongst plumbers and chefs on Gumtree, or possibly list your vacancy for free on Blue Glove Jobs. You may also consider engaging with an…

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Question Suppliers’ Sustainability

A very important aspect of turning a dental practice into an eco-friendlier one is to check the sustainability practices of your supplier partners.

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Buying clinical supplies

Buying Supplies

The protection of the environment prevents not only natural disasters, but also fosters invention and research, creates jobs, and stimulates the economy. It does not stop at borders, no matter if national borders or borders between industries and professions, environmental protection means taking responsibility for one’s own actions, and it is now easier than ever…

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