About Us

The Net Zero Dentistry team is led by Dr Mike Gow, a highly respected innovator in the dental profession and practicing dentist at his award-winning Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, Scotland. He is supported by DefactoDentists.com, the UK’s leading clinic finding tool for the general public, YourDentistRecommends.com which is the largest e-commerce platform for dental clinics, and BlueGloveJobs.com which is the most innovative recruitment and training platform for dental clinicians in the UK. Mike also spearheads ‘InterDental.TV’ which provides free online educational videos and has an impressive 14,500 strong global dentistry Facebook group.

The team extends to include a steering group of advisors, mainly from the dental profession. The phrase "by dentists, for dentists" is commonly overused, but in this instance our steering group commits to represent the profession and to guide us all in best practices.

We also have external consultants who advise on specific areas such as environmental, ecological and agricultural topics.

In all, we have tapped into the highest level of expertise and enthusiasm in order to deliver change. We provide you, the dentist, with this expertise and ask you to help us make a collective change to the way that dentistry behaves.